Our Purpose

Maine Association For Safe Tattooing was created to build an organization for the licensed artists and studio owners of Maine to come together and unite for the standards in our industry, and public/client safety. 

We think that collectively, we have a bigger voice when working together. 

We are setting out to work together, and to speak on behalf of the tattoo industry in the State of Maine. Our foremost concerns will always be public safety as well as artist safety. 

As professional artists involved in current happenings in the tattoo industry, it is our goal to have a voice and the opportunity to work with the state in staying up to date on advancements in tattooing, changes in equipment and supplies,rules and regulations pertinent to our industry and all other aspects of the tattoo industry as it applies here in the state of Maine, and on any federal level. 

M.A.S.T. was formed in July 2019 by founder Chad Chase and directors Chris Dingwell and Mark Richards. 

Contact us for more information about joining! To become a member, you must be a licensed artist and/or studio owner in the State of Maine.  

Aspiring artist?  Passionate client/collector? Contact us about donating or how you can help! 


Chad Chase

Chris Dingwell

Mark Richards

Registered Agent & Treasurer: 

Kelly Lehoux